Saturday, December 15, 2012



Like it says on the side of the site, I am a powerlifter.  I compete in the 181lb class, with an unequipped total of 1439, with a 502lb squat, 336lb bench and 601lb deadlift.  I will post videos of those lifts in a bit.  

The intent of this blog is basically for me to write down my thoughts on training as they come to me.  I am obsessed with getting stronger and being strong, and I will be the first to tell you this.  Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be strong.  I read stories about legendary strength like Samson and Heracles, I loved superheros with superhuman strength, I always pick the (physically) strongest characters to play in video games or invest all of my points into strength when given the option.  I have a problem.

This obsession also means that I can't shut my brain off when it comes to thinking about how to get stronger, and whenever my mind idles, it idles on this subject.  When I am not reading about getting stronger, or watching videos on how to get stronger, or trolling the internet about getting stronger, I am coming up with ideas about getting stronger.  My intent is to transform this stream of consciousness here and give other strengthophiles a place to also read and contribute.

To understand my philosophy and approach, give these videos a watch

And for the videos of my lifts, here you go

491lb  squat (second attempt, don't have video of the 502 on youtube)

336 bench

And 601 dead

And if you want to know if you want to follow my advice on putting on muscle, these are my photos


So now that you have seen me mostly naked and going off on rants, I feel like we really have something good here.  Like we really connect, and that I can open up and be vulnerable with you.

Stay tuned.