Sunday, September 1, 2013


5: Start overhead pressing

Like I said, you’re only bench pressing.  I know it seems cool to have a big bench, but if you want to look impressive and perform well, you need to press overhead.  Big shoulders are cool, and the strength you develop from a strong overhead will carryover into a lot of other things (to include that bench you want so badly).  Dumbbells and barbells are both great, don’t overcomplicate things, just move heavy stuff over your head.

This will do just fine

6: Don’t be afraid to get a little fat

This doesn't mean getting sloppy and obese, but putting on muscle means putting on a little fat.  Your friends freak out as soon as they can’t see an ab, but they’re also skinny and weak.  The big and strong guys on campus don’t give a crap about their abs, because they’re too busy crushing people in their sports and smashing weights in the gym to care.  You’re a kid, your metabolism is through the roof, and getting rid of fat will be easy once you’ve gained some weight.  Abuse this time now, because you’ll never get it back.  Try to keep it clean, but don’t be afraid of a little fast food when needed.

Just get it protein style and you're good

7: Hammer your rear delts every chance you get

Just like chins, your rear delts want volume, and hammering them will give you some much needed shoulder stability and correct some imbalances between your posterior and anterior delts.  Too much benching and not enough back work is taking a toll on you, and you can start fixing it now by going overboard on the rear delt work.  Every time you lift, do some face pulls or band pull aparts or something, and do the same first thing in the morning or before you go to bed.  I have never heard of someone doing too much rear delt work, strive to be the first.

8: Take creatine and drink more water

Stop listening to your dumbass friends.  Creatine isn’t “cheating” or “water muscles” or any such stupidity.  It’s one of the best supplements on the planet, and its dirt cheap.  Your recovery between sets will be better, which means you can have better/more intense workouts, which will make you bigger and stronger.  You don’t need to cycle it, and just do them damn loading phase.  Some people say you need it, some people say you don’t, but ultimately it’s an extra 20 or so servings, not a big loss either way.  Additionally, creatine is a great lesson in proper hydration.  Drink a gallon of water a day.  Yes, this means being one of those guys that carries around the gallon jug and drinks from it throughout the day.  Who cares what people think, you’re getting stronger.

Stay hydrated

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