Sunday, January 26, 2014


Why is it that we as a people feel the need to ask others for permission to succeed?  Are we lacking in self-esteem that we do not trust ourselves to be the producer of our own success, or is it so that we can place all the blame on others when we fail?  Are we building up our excuses before we even start on our journey, padding the path ahead with opportunities to fail rather than succeed?

Why do we feel the need to ask others for critique?  Whether it be on a program we developed or on our form.  Do we honestly not know what is right and wrong, or is it that we have hope that, though we know in our hearts we are wrong, someone may actually approve and validate our foolishness?

I have recently seen the question asked many times of if someone suggests that a beginner follow a protocol.  I feel that the sheer presence of this question is indicative that a beginner should not do whatever he is asking this question about.  Anyone who is lacking the confidence in their own knowledge and ability so much that they need to seek out the validation of an outside source before venturing onward is simply not going to have the necessary resolve to gut out the difficult parts of their journey.  We need bullheadedness, we require stubbornness, we demand the tenacity to fight against logic and reason at all turn and the blind fanaticism necessary to bend reality to our own will.  “I reject your reality, and substitute my own”.

The thing is, I'm pretty sure he can do that

Someone finding themselves in the position that they require permission before they attempt something still feels that they have something to lose.  You have clearly not reached the bottom of the barrel if you fear failure by following this path.  Those who are terrified of being pioneers need only stick with the established norms to succeed, as the path is well trodden and documented.

I am in no way speaking out against the established norms.  I think there is great value in following the path of those who have been successful, as their path clearly has merit and the means for success.  I am speaking instead of those who test the temperature with their toe rather than diving in when exploring uncharted waters.

"And the Angel did say 'Trust me, the water is totally fine.'  But it was not fine, for the Angel was a dick"

When faced with these questions, my response is always the same.  “I do not suggest you do anything, I can only relate what I have found to be successful”.  I find that the question of “Do YOU suggest I do X” is one with nefarious intentions, as it seeks to set me up as the recipient of future blame should the endeavor fail.  The trainee can say that it is not THEIR fault that they met failure, as they were given bad guidance at the start of their journey, and clearly were in no position to succeed from the start.  I find that, when our success or failure hinges on the actions of others, we tend to work with much less vigor that when our success is based entirely upon our own effort.

If you want to learn how to walk a high wire in a hurry, never use a safety net.

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