Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Apologies for being a few days late on this. Life has been crazy.

-I get a lot of questions about my diet, primarily why I eat so few carbs.  The answer is simple; I eat a lot of meat, and I like fatty meat, and if I’m eating a lot of protein and fat, I have to eat few carbs.  Otherwise, I’d just be eating a lot of food, and that’s how you get fat.  Why do I eat a lot of meat?  Because I want to look like a thing that eats a lot of meat.  Think about it; don’t you want the same?  Wouldn’t you rather look like a creature that kills and eat other creatures, or do you want to look like the prey instead?

-Remember Kaz talking about calculating MRV?  Or how Paul Anderson debated if volume began with hard sets or easy ones?  Or when Arnold talked about achieving most frequent protein synthesis?  Yeah, me neither.

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AND he did curls?  Didn't they have internet back then?

-People are so quick to accuse others of using steroids.  I’ve been training for 18 years and I’ve never even SEEN a steroid.  How are people just tripping over them that they automatically assume everyone else is using them?

-People with the fewest gains are the most resistant to sacrificing them.  Refusal to take days off, no conditioning because it “makes you lose muscle”, no giant sets because less weight is lifted, etc.  And this mentality, ironically enough, keeps growth limited.

-People are in such a rush to find “the best” because it absolves them of the need to think.

-I refuse to speak on things that I have no experience with.  It means I either need to experience a lot or speak less.  I advise others to do the same.

-“Skinny-fat” is a body condition that occurs from a lifetime of sedentary activity and poor diet.  This is why it’s so tricky to “fix”.  If you bulk, you now become fat.  If you cut, you become scrawny.  So what is the solution?  TIME.  You don’t fix a lifetime of bad choices in 12 weeks.

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I love that I can keep finding new memes everytime I look

-People in bad shape like to point out the poor decisions of those in good shape.  “You drink energy drinks?  Those are so bad for you!” “You eat fast food?” etc.  What a lack of self awareness. That said, when I encounter it, I just tell people that nothing I do is healthy.

-People who lack accomplishments seeks “proof” that also lacks accomplishment.

-People are very willing to rest 5-7 minutes between sets and have 3 hour long lifting sessions but don’t want to “waste time” by doing conditioning or reading a book on how to properly train.

-Leanness and fatness both perpetuate.  The longer you are one or the other, the more prone you are to being it.

-I am late to the party, but mashed cauliflower is awesome.

-“You could have progressed faster”, yes, but at what other cost if not time?

-I’m at the point in my life where nothing tastes better than reaching my goals.

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But these come very close

-I have zero sympathy for adults who can’t wake up early to meet their goals.

--Ok, let’s be honest; I just have zero sympathy.

-Getting in shape when you get older is easy, because you get held to a much lower standard.  Just get in decent shape in your 20s and hold onto THAT for as long as you can and you’ll be good.

-Why is it people who say “live a little” advocate for activities that, traditionally, result in living less?

-If enough big and strong people do something, I don’t really care what science has to say about it.

-The people that know the least are the most savage online.  They hope to curtail any questions by making the questioner feel stupid, less they be forced to answer the question and admit their own lack of knowledge.

-The “money” is powerlifting used to come from gear.  Meets made no money, but gear companies would sponsor them because they could cash in on competitors buying gear to compete for the meet.  But what do we do now that raw powerlifting has become popular?  Why, make raw gear of course!  Suckers.

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Nah, you don't want to hear mine

-What the hell is Instagram?  Seriously.

-A fundamental issue I find on the discussion of training is people view “right” and “wrong” in a vacuum.  “Here is right about this but wrong about that.”  Unless one is being malicious or deceitful for the sake of profit, it is of no benefit for one to say things they know to be false.  Instead, right and wrong are context dependent.  What an accomplished lifter says IS right for their paradigm.  If you don’t fit that paradigm, that is on YOU, not them.  Don’t apply information that does not apply to you.

-In the past few years, I’ve noticed trainees have learned a lot of ways to get really good at squatting, benching and deadlifting.  That’s awesome.  Did we learn how to get stronger?

-I found out you CAN get a full week’s training in 33 hours.  But should you?

-I don’t understand these people who have no access to implements and no desire to compete but want to “train like a strongman”.  Isn’t that just lifting weights?

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