Sunday, May 20, 2018


-Kicking this off with a bit of genius from my wife.  Her and I both grew up with “clean plate club” parents, which was a byproduct of THEIR parents having grown up during The Depression, where food was scarce and you didn’t waste anything.  That’s a great mentality when you are starving, but when food is abundant, it’s a recipe for obesity.  We both had to learn how to get comfortable with throwing away food, just because American portion sizes are so huge.  However, my wife came up with a great way to be at peace with this.  One day, she realized that she would happily pay someone money to help her lose extra weight that was accumulated from eating all of the food on her plate,  which meant she could just cut out the middleman and “spend” that money by not eating all the food on her plate.  At that moment, the decision to simply not eat all the food on the plate was a no-brainer.

-I go through phases where I try to get leaner.  Usually it’s post competition, since I’ll have gotten a little sloppy in the prep for it, and I’ll want to cut some excess chub.  I never maintain the leaness, as I’ve found it’s hard to train hard enough to be strong on gameday while keeping it up.  However, what losing fat tends to teach me is that I DO significantly overeat when attempting to maintain a baseline.  When you start trying to cut fat and you reduce foods more and more, you’ll find that it really doesn’t take a lot of food to live, train and work. Guys that lift heavy wanna hop on board the “lift big/eat big” train, but it’s just a meme.  And unless you are a high school athlete, or a 400lb strongman, you can probably get by with a diet full of clean calories.  And if you wanna pretend like you don’t know what I mean when I say “clean eating”, you’re being a child.

-Speaking of children, I’ve said it before, but liquid calories are probably the biggest issue with childhood obesity.  I do say this with a case study of 1 individual, but it’s one thing I don’t allow my kid, and otherwise it’s pretty unrestricted as far as food goes.  My kid will naturally stop eating sweets/junk once they reach satiated, but on the VERY rare instances that we allow chocolate milk (something like Thanksgiving), they’ll try to drink the whole carton.  I knew I grew up chubby, and was sucking down kool-aid every chance I got.  We see this in adults too, with super sugary coffee beverages, energy drinks, alcohol, etc.

Image result for starbucks unicorn frappuccino
This isn't coffee.  Quit telling yourself it is.

-After a 5 year break, I’ve started doing front squats again.  No harness, no rack position, just doing the arms crossed thing, because screw it.  Using it as a finisher on deadlift days, doing rest pausing and dropsets.  It’s working well enough, and I’m not getting the stupid amount of soreness that I used to when I did this with buffalo bar squats, most likely because the weight is lighter.

-I am at the point where I’ve trained in the AM for so long that PM workouts feel like cheating.

-I am constantly baffled at trainees looking to “increase testosterone” with whatever ways they can.  When did being an amateur endocrinologist be a thing?  At least the guys running gear are at peace with what they are doing, but all these kids trying to “naturally maximize testosterone levels” are simply baffling. 

-On the above, here’s a thought; maybe instead of trying to maximize your testosterone levels, you can try to get better results by working harder? 

-Only people with a surplus of free time think sleep, meal timing and training timing are important.

-I still think dips are the greatest assistance exercise for upperbody pressing.  And I probably think that because they require zero set-up.

-We gravitate to the lifters and coaches that resonate with ourselves.  I like folks like Kroc, Jon Anderson, Steve Pulcinella, etc, that are much more about the mental fortitude and philosophy behind training and far less concerned about the numbers and programming.  More cerebral types like Tuchscherer, Sheiko, Shaw, guys that are super meticulous about the details.  That’s not at all surprising, but what one SHOULD observe from this is that all of those dudes are great athletes/coaches, which means the methods all work.  The issue people run into is when they try to shoe-horn a method that doesn’t fit them because they’re under the impression it’s the best method.

-On the above, everyone is so concerned about being optimal.  Try shooting just for “good”, and then be good for 10 years.  You will be leaps and bounds ahead of the dude that has been shifting their program every 2 months in the search for the MOST optimal way to train.

-I swear to god I will have an aneurysm if I see one more person ask for a form check on face pulls.

Image result for cartoon stretchy face
I mean, yeah, sure, I guess

-“Strengthlifting” is the new hottest thing on the market.  It’s like a powerlifting meet, except you strict press instead of bench, and sumo deadlifts aren’t allowed.  Oh yeah, also, you weigh OUT, instead of in, which is to say, you don’t get weighed until the competition is over.  So wait, you mean to tell me I don’t know what weightclass I’m in until the competition is over?  Which is to say, I don’t know who I am COMPETING against until the competition is over?  Jesus Christ, internet powerlifting has gotten ridiculous.  Remember when lifters used to compete against each other, and the goal was to win the MEET with the best total, no set some stupid obscure one off record for one lift?  How can no one see how ridiculous this is.  This isn’t a sport.

-I have no idea why I want the S-cubed bar from Ironmind.

-Ok guys, the American flag on the wall in the gym.  I don’t get this.  It’s always in front of the squat rack.  You’re either going to spit or fart on the American flag during an intense set.  I figure anyone hanging one of these babies up is meaning to present as a patriot, but that seems to be the opposite effect.  There is a reason I have a jolly rogers instead.

-There are kids in high school right now lifting weights with the dream of one day being a youtube fitness guru.  Goddamn we have fallen so far.

-Hey all you “hook grip master race” folks; go deadlift an axle.

-For the love of god people, it’s “5/3/1”, not “Wendler’s 5/3/1”.  Jim didn’t need to put his name on the program.  You wouldn’t call it “Led Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven” just because some garage band in Iowa did a cover of it once.

-You can tell someone is new when they want to compare programs, movements, diets, etc.  When you’ve trained long enough, you’ll have inevitably tried them all.  Just wait; you’ll get your turn.

-If you have to ask “how come there is no max row/pull up progression in this program?”, you aren’t strong.

-People will spend 3 years trying to figure out what is the best program to run for the first 12 weeks of their lifting careers.

-Maybe my time is more valuable than others, because when it comes to finding out about how to run a program, I’d rather spend $10 on the e-book written by the author that literally explains every single part of the program and sets you up for success than spend 27 hours scouring the internet for every forum post and “free” piece of information I can find.  Folks, if you’re only making $10 an hour, you just “spent” $270 for your “free” advice that is just plain awful.  And this is to say NOTHING of all the time you’ll waste running the program wrong and having to correct it.

Image result for smolov squat results meme
Alternatively, they'll follow a program written by a person who never actually existed

-The more I hear about the Vertical Diet, the more I wonder how the Hell people were eating BEFORE it came out.  “Dude, it’s all about NOT eating the things that upset your digestion.”  Why did you just not eat those things BEFORE someone told you to do it?  I know I don’t like having digestion issues, and if something gives me gas or bloating or runny stools, I quit eating it.  “Nah man, it’s all about focusing on getting your nutrients in first and then getting all the protein and carbs you need from good sources”  You mean eating like an adult?  I seriously don’t understand.  And this isn’t to slam Stan a tall, because it IS a diet that makes sense, but that’s the thing; why did people need permission from Stan before they stopped eating food they didn’t like?

-Why do people take the time and money to hire a personal trainer or coach only to post their routines online and ask random strangers if their coach is right?  Of course, I say this, but f**k me people will do the same thing with medical advice from their doctor.

-I am pretty sure MHP no longer makes their old formula for “Up Your Mass”, and it saddens me far more than it should.

-I have told my wife that she has to talk me off the ledge about running my own strongman show, because I’m at the point where I have enough gear in my garage to make it happen.

-I guess all these people super concerned about frequency of movements never ran Westside Barbell, or DoggCrapp, or any John Meadows program, or a bodypart split, or HIT, or any of the other millions of examples out there of folks getting big and strong not doing the same 3 lifts 3 times a week.

Image result for john meadows
*Psh* What could he know about getting big and strong? I'll get my advice from the internet, thanks.

-Sometimes I think I do things just to prove that they CAN work.

-I love this quote from Jim Wendler.  “You can always tell a trainee is new because they want to deadlift more frequently.  It’s the lift you can move the most weight on, so they like it the most.  You ask a new trainee what their favorite lift is and they say ‘deadlifts!’  You ask a guy who has been around for a while and he says ‘I don’t know man, I hate them all.”

-I had a reader contact me the other day asking if they could send me some money as something of a “thanks” for all I’ve written.  I definitely appreciated the sentiment, but I don’t write for money.  This blog is incredibly selfish, and it’s just a chance for me to practice my writing and get my thoughts out.  If anyone out there is wanting to spend money and give me thanks, go buy a NEVERsate shirt or program from Brian Alsruhe.  He is unquestionably the most positive force out there in the lifting world right now, and deserves way more than he gets.


  1. Interestingly, a lot of the info about naturally boosting testosterone (without snake oil supplements) advises people to things that an athlete should be doing anyways. It always includes stuff like more and better quality sleep, less drinking, better nutrition, etc. As you would say, just behave like an adult

    1. It's amazing how effective that is, and how people refuse to do it. And when you ask them, they swear up and down on a stack of Bibles that they ALWAYS get 8 hours of sleep and eat their veggies and etc etc but they STILL can't grow. You'll also notice they tend to be complaining about this with an online Timestamp that shows they were up at 0300, haha.

  2. I'm ok with weigh-outs. On one condition.

    No weight classes. Wilks only. Final destination. If I don't know which specific people I'm about to get beaten by, it better be because I'm going up against everybody.

    1. But even then, you still wouldn't know how to strategize to beat the other competitors. Weights aren't kept a secret in a powerlifting meet; you can find out what the other guys actually weighed in at and pick your lifts based around that if you wanted.

      I dunno. I figure, if we're just gonna do a weigh out WILKS competition, you don't even need to do a meet. You could just do it all by skype and have it done over the course of a week, like an internet powerlifting meet.

  3. I have the issue of feeling the need to eat all the food on my plate, as well. combine that with making big portions and well, yeah. I do agree that liquid calories are a big issue nowadays, it's actually crazy how easy it is to drink your calories. I mean, I have coffee creamer that is 35 calories to a tablespoon, and I just pour it into the coffee. Kind of ridiculous. It's absurdly easy to just down a thing of heavy whipping cream and that's 1600 calories there. Bam!

    1. And some people complain that they can't get in enough calories. It's like, dude, join the dark side and get done with it.

    2. I love using cream as a way to add calories to a shake, but that's the thing; I know explicitly that it's what I'm doing. So many people seem to just think that, if you drink it, it doesn't count.

  4. On your first thought, i have a similar strategy. If i'm low carbing it and the options are scarce i'll get fast food cheese burgers and think of the buns as part of the packaging. When the clean plate gene makes you feel bad for being wasteful, you argue back "we're paying for the cardboard box too, do you want me to eat that as well?"

  5. For the first one, I was pretty sure she had bought smaller plates instead.

  6. As for training and everything works, I have been training running pretty sub-optimally for around a year and have just now gotten to a point where I can run a mile in about 9 minutes, and generally maintain a pace at least for awhile. A year ago I ran a mile and a half in 22 minutes and felt like my lungs were going to explode afterwards. My training has been pretty much shit, and rather erratic. There's actually a few months I had taken off in there due to work/school balance.

    I'm actually starting to think that the idea that "it's the journey, not the destination" is complete horseshit. I mean, while I probably could reach my goals faster if I had some sort of training plan I was able to follow (my schedule is erratic as hell) I could get there faster, but at the end of the day, I will get there eventually and that's the actually important thing.

  7. This morning a coworker asked me how my morning lifting went. They were surprised my response was "awful" thought something was wrong... Nope. They're just all painful and suck. It's just the price we pay....

    1. I'll never understand the people that somehow enjoy this, haha.