Sunday, October 15, 2017


-“There is so much conflicting info!”  That means so many things WORK!  It is so hard to fail; you just have to try.  Consequently, that is the missing variable for most.

-The same is true with authors.  “This guy keeps saying different things”; well god forbid they have ideas that change and evolve over time.  Give it a try.

-Supply drives demand, not the other way around.  Once they built foam rollers, people needed them.  Same with pre-workouts.  Same with Duffalo bars.  Figure out what you need and THEN get it; don’t find out what is out there and figure out how to need it.

-Frequency is the new “thing”.  In the 60s, frequency was the devil for hard gainers.  Now it is the solution.

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I swear this book has programs where you actually never train

-Remember when everyone did bodypart splits and they all worked?  The internet doesn’t.

-I have such a hard time taking these gurus seriously, mainly because I was there on the same forums they were when they were making the same mistakes as the rest of us.

-Not doing conditioning because you don’t know how to start is a creative way to be lazy.

-Crossfit won: quit fighting it.

-Stop getting mad at people “working out wrong”

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-I remember when powerlifting drama was about squat depth.  Now it is about what people say on Instagram.  How catty is this sport going to get before it reaches critical mass and becomes self aware?

-There is a direct correlation between how cheap gym equipment is and my ability to find a space for it in my garage.

-I think it is funny the combination of folks that think Jim Wendler’s “Building the Monolith” both has too little volume and also believe that 200 dips and 100 chins is too much to ask.

-Don’t make your diet a meme.  GOMA, IIFM, keto, carb nite, etc.  This is removing critical thinking from your execution.  Be conscious and aware.

-Damndest thing really.  To train grip, people recommend rows or farmer’s walk, but not direct grip training.  To train neck, people suggest shrugs, but not direct grip training.  Conditioning work?  Why, that’s just short rest periods, right?  But to train pecs?  Well of COURSE you want to bench and do flies.  Why not go indirect there?  

-I am constantly baffled by trainees who trust their ability to read studies vs the words of experienced pros until I realize that there are people who trust WebMD over their doctor.

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This is great, unless it's lupus

-The only people saying what bodybuilders or powerlifters do aren’t bodybuilders or powerlifters.

-“I’ve never seen a fat 181lb lifter”; well have you tried looking at a meet?

-I’ve had multiple people find it literally unfathomable that I don’t use pre-workouts.

-The less accomplished you are, the more important you think the little things are.

-The above having been said, I still believe in the anabolic window…but I will also shower before I eat my post workout meal.

-I had an acquaintance who hadn’t seen me in about 5 years, over which time I had lost 20lbs of fat.  They asked if I quit lifting, and said I used to be so much more swole. Man, comments like that are enough to drive a guy back to a gallon of milk a day and 20 rep squats.  But seriously, this is the “bulk” that was talked about back in the 60s.  Amazing how much some fat on top of muscle can really make things stand out.

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Squatting some wagon wheels helps too

-After 2 years of training exclusively with an axle, pressing a barbell feels like a toy.  Incredibly easy to manipulate.  Jamie Lewis, Brooks Kubrik, Donnie Thompson and several others were right on the money about fat bar training; it has a ton of benefits.

-A moment of silence for Bud Jeffries 21 year old son, who passed away in a motorcycle accident. 

-Got an Airdyne off a yardsale site for $75.  Got my eyes on a titan fitness 12” log for $165.  I feel like I’m going to settle down and open a gym one day just because I am sick of moving this stuff.

-The only thing I dislike about the winter is, after years of conditioning myself to withstand cold temperatures, my internal thermostat is all jacked up.  People will crank the heat at the slightest sign of cold, and then I end up passing out from heatstroke walking around a mall.

-The best way to address asymmetry is to get so big it doesn’t matter.


  1. >To train neck, people suggest shrugs, but not direct grip training
    You mean neck training, not grip training right? If so, correct this and delete my comment.
    Thank you for your articles, this is always interest reading!

    1. You got it. Gotta use occam's razor on a lot of my posts, since I write them without proofing, haha.

  2. That bulking comment hit way too close to home. Gonna start slamming down blender bombs tomorrow.

    1. Gotta stay strong man, haha. But being big is awesome.

  3. Thanks you so much for taking the time to do these posts,entertains me so much,I look forward to them every week!

    1. Hey thanks man. Appreciate having you as a reader.

  4. Great post, I always like the occasional thought salad blog.

    Brutal about Jeffries' son. Just caught up with things on his Instagram. Freakin' motorcycles, man.

    Stay safe on the roads and don't catch anything at the commercial gyms.


    1. My heart just broke for that family man. I can't even imagine what they're going through.

      Appreciate the well wishes. I found a decent gym at least. Even has a Rogue 10" log. Man..what an awful log that thing is, haha.

    2. His latest IG post is Florida. Lol. But yeah, just brutal. Kid had a fiancee too.

      The Rogue 10" is really the herpes of strongman equipment. Steven Tyler would have written a very different song about that big 10." Hm. I sense a strongman parody coming on...


  5. 1. What happens when a sport becomes self-aware? I won't lie I'm young so social media drama is 1/20th of my diet but I'm very curious by what you mean by this.

    2. If there's anything I've learnt reading your blog is that it's better to run into doing things the harder way. I took to pulling on stiff bars after reading about it here and it cleaned up my form after the this-sucks-phase. Looks like it's time to press on the 55 lb bar too :'( (but also press gains so : ) )

    1. Hey Dakota,

      Per point 1, hopefully when they become self-aware they'll realize how completely ridiculous they're becoming a do a better job of policing the sport. I honestly think a return to geared lifting only would be the best thing for the sport. Make it LESS approachable and harder to understand for average Joes, and suddenly the quality of commentary will improve when not everyone is allowed to have an opinion.

      Glad to hear about point 2. Gotta do some of those things we suck at to get better at other stuff.