Friday, February 8, 2013


No explanation given, just stuff rattling around in my head.

For strength, you need one set.  For size, you need many sets.

To get rid of a lower back pump, lay down and elevate your feet above your torso.

High reps work for building a heavier bench and deadlift, but not a squat.

When it comes to the upper back, you can't go wrong with more volume.

Very little deadlifting needs to happen to build a stronger deadlift.

If you're not competing, you can't cheat.

You can't outrest soreness, but you can outwork it.

A more effective way to reset assistance work is to start the weight over again but add chains.

Stalled out on weigthed chins?  Use band assistance while upping the weight on the dip belt.

Two of the greatest plateua busters around: food and sleep.

Strength is science, size is art.

When you are getting big, there are no bad calories.  When you are losing fat, there are few good ones.

The greatest analogy I ever heard about falling off the wagon.  "When you get a flat tire, do you get out and flatten the other 3, or do you change the tire and keep on driving?"

Injuries are blessings.  You are forced to experiment and have nothing to lose.  My greatest training discoveries have always occurred as a result of injuries.

If you have to ask, you shouldn't do it.

If something is working, change nothing.  If nothing is working, change something.

When you pack yourself snacks that you hate, you will suddenly find yourself less hungry.

Trying to lose weight?  Drink a protein shake before each meal.  Trying to gain weight?  Drink it after.

Worried about bad form on high rep compound movements leading to injury?  Make it the last movement of the workout, not the first.


  1. Really like this blog style a lot. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks man. I realized I was writing too many "articles", when really this blog was supposed to be part articles and part random bits of insanity. Thanks for the support.

  2. The flat tire analogy was fantastic. Too bad most people tend to quit long before experiencing a flat... somewhere around the first yield sign, I'd say.

    1. That analogy has gotten me through so many injuries and diets, haha.