Friday, February 22, 2013


Here are some more random thoughts I jotted down during a meeting at work.

Don't look at what someone does, look at what they did.

You can't get fat off broccoli.

For strength, specificity is key.  For size, it's variety.

No raw bencher has weak triceps.

No raw squatter is quad dominant.

No raw bencher is weak off the chest.  They are just weak.

You can't outtrain a bad diet.

On long sets, count backwards in clusters of 5.  So instead of counting up to 20, count down from 5 to 1 four times.

There is no sacred cow.  Everything works, not everything works forever.

Day coming to an end and you still haven't trained?  Do tabata burpees.

When something hurts, keep it warm.  Trade in the tank top for a sweat shirt and see how good your shoulders feel.

For strength, the weight is your enemy and you crush it.  For size, it is a training partner.

Rep ranges do not equal time under tension.

Don't have a safety squat bar?  Wear a neck harness when you squat.

If you enjoy the movement, it probably isn't making you stronger.

If people could get big and strong at home, everyone would do it.

You are far more likely to get injured driving to the gym than squatting in it.

If you need a pre-workout supplement, your diet and sleep needs work.

No pre-workout supplement will ever beat a smelling salt.

If you have no issues taking some mystery powder but think ammonia is dangerous, start over.

Things you should own at home to help with your goals: GHR, pull up bar, sled.

Want to cut down on rest between sets?  Train at sub freezing temps.  It will motivate you to speed up the workout.

You don't have to understand it for it to work.

I'd rather be wrong and strong than right and weak.

For conditioning, concentric only is key.

Setting the bar on pins sucks.  Either suspend it from chains or elevate the plates.

For rows or chins, it doesn't matter what grip you use.  Train until you stall, then use another grip and start over.

For pressing, DBs are for assistance, not primary work.  For pulling, it's all assistance work anyway.

If I could only do 3 movements, it would be squat, strict press, and chins.

I have never met anyone would couldn't stand to do more rear delt work.

Strength is general, conditioning is specific.

Lets all stop lumping together mobility and flexibility.  If I am mobile, I am not stretching.  If I am stretching, I am not mobile.

If you take a "test booster" and aren't drinking water or eating well, start over.

A warm up gets you warm and ready for a workout.  It is not a workout in and of itself.  If you have a "tough warm up", you aren't interested in getting strong.

"If you can't flex it, don't isolate it"-Dave Tate

WTF does "training for aesthetics" even mean?  Didn't we use to call this getting bigger or leaner?

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